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On January 18th,Two Units XCMG XE60CA excavator to Ghana

6 ton digger XE60 mini excavator
1.Environmental protection type high efficiency and low consumption of the famous excavator engine.
2.Load sensing hydraulic system control performance is good, energy saving.
3.The main valve is arranged at the outer

On Jan 18th,we shipped two unit XCMG excavator XE60CA mini excavator to Ghana,this excavator is very hot sales in market,we already sold many units

6 ton digger XE60 mini excavator prices

1.Environmental protection type high efficiency and low consumption of the famous excavator engine.

2.Load sensing hydraulic system control performance is good, energy saving.

3.The main valve is arranged at the outer side of the cab, convenient maintenance and repair easy.

4.A powerful digging force and traction force mini excavator.

5. selection of GPS satellite positioning and remote monitoring system.


Items Unit Value
Bucket capacity m3 0.2
Price   -
Fuel tank volume L 129
Travel motor   Hydraulic piston motor
Slewing motor   Hydraulic piston motor
Hydraulic pump   Variable displacement pump ×2 + Gear pump ×1
Track width mm 400
Track type   Steel
Operating weight kg 5650
Standard bucket width(with/without cutting blade) mm 700
Blade width mm 1880
Lift height (GL up/down) mm 402/456
Blade height mm 363
Digging Capacity
Max. digging height mm 5660
Boom offset (L/R) Degree -
Max. digging force (bucket) KN (kgf) 38.6
Min. slewing radius of rear part mm 1650
Min. slewing radius of front part (swing) mm 2450
Max. digging radius mm 6130
Max. vertical digging depth mm 2680
Max. digging depth mm 3830
Max. discharge height mm 3970
Model   4TNV-94L
Rated output kw (hp) 35.5/2200r/min
Machine Size (During transportation)
Overall length mm 5850
Min. ground clearance mm 369
Overall width mm 1885
Overall height mm 2584
Track length mm 2548
Gradeability % 70
Travel speed (1st/2nd gear) km/h 3.8/2.1
Track gauge mm 1480
Wheelbase mm 1985