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MAFAL opens a new win-win situation in the African market

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Update time : 2021-01-08 17:53:00

In the golden autumn, Beijing has once again caught the eyeballs of the whole world. On September 3, the 2019 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was grandly opened. On the day before the opening of the summit, Tanzanian Customer, who led a delegation to attend the summit, met with MAFAL CEO. Customer Majaliwa said: "MAFAL is a good company. Its products are very competitive. I like your products very much. I hope to cooperate with you more in the future and endeavor to promote the friendship between China and Tanzania."                                                                  

Customer Majaliwa also made a prospect for the entry of MAFAL’s products into Tanzania: "As a world's largest and China's best construction machinery company, MAFAL's growth process is obvious to all. Tanzania always welcomes Chinese companies with an open mind. I believe that MAFAL will definitely achieve better results in the new year, and we will also provide smooth channels to communicate with the outside world."
                                             Tanzanian Customer Majaliwa met with the CEO of the African region of MAFAL
“We always respect, love and support Africa, and constantly optimize products and services in a bid to reward customers with the most sophisticated and advanced products as well as best services. Shifting from selling products to providing integrated solutions, we are dedicated to helping customers    optimize routes planning and improve management level, operational scheduling and other capabilities," said MAFAL Sales CEO

We have a lot of loyal customers, and customers will turn to MAFAL machinery even if the price of the competitors’ price is much lower than ours, since these customers attach great importance to the value,” said CEO. There is a Tanzanian passenger transport company which grew from the ownership of several vehicles to over 50 loader and crane at present after using MAFAL machine. After obtaining the practical benefits, they have already regarded MAFAL as a "family member" and MAFAL have become their top choice.                                                                                                                  

So far, MAFAL has established a well-established sales network in nearly 50 African countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Angola, Ghana and Algeria. At the same time,  also provided a large number of technical and talent support for the diversification of the local economy, the improvement of the automobile industry level, which have led to an increase of employment.
During this process, on the one hand, MAFAL realized the going-abroad of superior production capacity, achieved the transition from the export of products to the output of technologies and standards, and enhanced the international competitiveness of China's advantageous industries; on the other hand, it has driven some countries to upgrade the level of local industrialization, achieved the advocacy goal of “MAFAL CONSTRUTION EXPERT” of jointly building and achieving a win-win situation.