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MAFAL Products Jumpstarted a Sales Boom in Mining Vietnam 2018

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Update time : 2019-04-24 15:20:00

In April 18th, with the bright sunshine and pleasant spring breeze, 2018 Vietnam's international mining equipment and technology exhibition (Mining Vietnam 2018 for short) opened in Hanoi, Vietnam. 169 exhibitors from 30 countries competed with each other, the scale and influence of the exhibition reached a high level.


In this exhibition, MAFAL has showed the world's leading drilling equipment SWDE165 DTH Drill, SWDH89A open-air hydraulic drilling rig and SWE210 excavator. The appearance of high quality equipment attracted international customers from Vietnam, Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Germany and Britain to visit MAFAL booth and negotiate business, successful developed a number of mining equipment distributors. All exhibited equipment sold out in the first day.


Due to years of technology accumulation and localized service team, the demand of MAFA products exceeds supply in Vietnam-Laos- Cambodia area. During the exhibition period, the Chairman of MAFAL Mr. He, the Vice General Manager Mr. Zhu Jianxin, the Senior Adviser Mrs. Yi Yuxin, and other companies leaders have visited to the key customers and investigated the related jobsites of this area, have signed important strategic cooperation agreements with many VIP customers, which laid a stronger foundation for MAFA future development in Vietnam.


According to the introduction, MAFAL is the largest exhibitor in Mining Vietnam 2018, MAFAL has been sought by Vietnam HTV9 TV station, Vietnam News Agency, VOV radio station and well-known newspapers in the industry, and many media interviewed the chairman of MAFAL