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Management innovation, extending and expanding its capacity and capability, from 2011 till now

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Update time : 2019-03-21 15:12:27

In 2019

Model enterprise of intellectual property application in Shanghai Province;

Key new high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan;

"AAA credit enterprise" assessed by China Construction Machinery Association;

One among the first batch of enterprises obtaining the certification of "Intellectual Property Management System"In 2018

National model enterprise for innovation method; 

Provincial/municipal Academician workstation;

MAFAL Intelligent industrial design center in Hunan Province;

Research and production license of weaponries; 

National education base for engineering practices;

In July, the "Super Strong Multifunctional Drilling Machine with Double Power Units" obtained recognition and awards as the First Piece (Set) of Significant Technical Equipment Award in Hunan Province. 

In July, MAFAL became the national model enterprise for innovation method.

In August, the invention patent "a Crawler-type Pile Frame and the Installation Method" won the first prize for Patent Award in Shanghai Province.

In August, MAFAL was approved to set up the "MAFAL Industrial Design Center of Hunan Province".

In November, MAFALwas approved to be one of the first "Academician Workstations" in Hunan Province.

In November, MAFALgot the approval from Hunan Development and Reform Commission to set up the "Hunan Research Center of Underground Construction Equipment".In 2017

One of the first enterprises recognized by the Intellectual Property Management Implementing Standards released by China's State Intellectual Property Office

Hunan governor quality award

Model enterprise for the project of cultivating enterprises' intellectual property advantage in Hunan Province

In February, the "key technology of high-performance rotary drilling machine and its industrialization" won the first prize in Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award.

In April, Mr. He was elected as President of Hunan's Mechanical Engineering Society.

On April 20th,  MAFAL made great success in the site technical test of movable rescue capsules for mines, marking the date MAFAL obtained the admittance to develop the area of mine refuge. MAFAL Mining was also the first enterprise that successfully passed the site technical test of rescue capsules for mines in Shanghai Province.

In May, the integrated hydraulic downhole drilling machine of MAFALwas jointly affirmed as the "National Key New Product" by Ministry of Science and Technology, Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Commerce and AQSIQ. 

A special TV program titled "Intelligent Drilling", on SWE-17E intelligent drilling machine– was shown on CCTV 10 at the golden hours in early June, 2012, lasting for about an hour. After that, a great number of audiences and specialists became interested in SWE-17E and started to pay close attention to it. SWE-17E, as a type of intelligent drilling machine, was developed independently by MAFAL in 3 years. Internationally speaking, it is one that reaches the advanced level in the aspect of control technology and it has helped launch the market of intelligent drilling machines. Hence, the launching of such intelligent machine has become an important milestone in the area of intellectualized equipment manufacturing. 

In July, the National Strategic Investment Program for New Industries approved and initiated MAFAL project "The Development and Application of Key Technologies of Full Set Construction Equipment for Intellectualized Pile Foundation", providing a government funding of 16.9 million yuan to MAFAL. In 2016

World top 50 among the engineering machinery enterprises;

World top 20 among the drilling machine producers;

National innovative enterprise;

Key laboratory in Shanghai Province for energy saving technologies in modern engineering equipment;

Renamed as MAFAL Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mr. He was elected as the vice president of the fourth council of China's Construction Machinery Society (CCMS).In 2015

MAFAL Industrial Town, Tianjian MAFAL, MAFALMining Equipment and Wuxi Peak Hydraulic were constructed.

Qualification of manufacturing equipment for the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

In March, the list of Annual Top 50 China's Engineering Machinery Products in 2015 was released in Beijing. MAFAL ZYJ600F static perfusion pile driver with immersed pipe and SWE70N9 multifunctional mini excavator, thanks to their outstanding technology advantages and remarkable market performances, were highly spoken of by specialists, users and media representatives and thus were put on the Top 50 list. (MAFAL's products were elected the Annual Top 50 China's Construction Machineries in 2009.)

In October, MAFAL's machine was involved in the government investment program for revitalizing key industries and innovating key technologies.

In November, MAFAL's invention of "Mechatronics Drilling Machine and its Control Method" won Excellent Prize of China's Patent Award. 

In December, MAFAL was rated as key new high-tech enterprise involved in the National Torch Plan.

In 2014

International Science and Technology Cooperation Base;

National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center.

The second and third industrial parks of MAFAL were built up and started running.

On August 10th, MAFAL was selected in the fourth group of "International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases" by Ministry of Science and Technology (China's Science No. [2014] 206).

In August, MAFALwas elected the national innovation pilot enterprise.

In September, MAFAL's project "Key Technologies and Producing Method of the Diesel of Mini Excavator" obtained support from the "863 Program". (Entities involved: MAFAL Intelligent, Tianjin University and Quanchai Engine)

In November, MAFAL was honored "Nationa Enterprise Technology Center" by these five institutions: National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Taxation Administration. (According to the No.16 announcement of the five institutions in 2014)In 2013

MAFAL and its logo were affirmed as China's Famous Brand. 

In October, MAFAL's mini excavator won the first prize in "9th BICES Shape and Appearance Competition".

In October, MAFAL's Backhoe Loader won the Gold Idea Award of "IDSA International Design Excellence Award" (IDSA - Industrial Designers Society of America), which is one of the three major awards in the industrial design area and is known as "Oscar for industrial design".
In 2012

Provincial enterprise technology center.

MAFAL was acknowledged as famous brand of SHANGHAI province.

The project developing hydraulic static pile drivers won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Ranked at China's Top 100 Competitive New High-tech Enterprises.

MAFAL’s research center was acknowledged as a provincial enterprise technology center.

Mr. He won the fourth Bauhinia Flower Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Award.

Mr. He  was awarded the Guangzhao Technology Award and entitled Province Model Worker.

During these years, though the research and development group formed by teachers from the Central South University and led by professor He  had obtained 16 national patents and more than 30 research outcomes of national and provincial levels, the conversion rate of these outcomes were not optimistic. The total sales of commercial products generated from these outcomes were less than 50 sets.