Semi Trailer

3 axle LPG propan tank semi trailer 56cbm LPG tank trailer

Item No.: MF2018-02
Nude waxed By RO-RO Ship, Container Ship, Bulk Ship, suitable for transportation LPG Tank Trailer
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Tanker Essential Information
Volume of Tank (cbm) 50cbm (50000 Liters)
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 12840*2500*3975
Tank Dimensions(Inner Diameter*thickness*Length) 2300*12*12454
Estimated Tare Weight (kg) 15300
Payload(kg) 25000
Total Weight(kg) 40300
Wheelbase(mm) 6800+1310+1310
Shell of Tanker
Products Liquefied Petroleum Gas (propane)
Fluid Property Flammable
Design Temperature(ºC) 50ºC
Design Pressure(MPa) 1.61
Corrosion Allowance(mm) 1.00
Weld Joint Factor 1
Major Materials of Bearing Pressure Tanker body:Q345R, 12mm
End plate: Q345R, 12mm , double ellipse
Main beam:16Mn
Heat Treatment Overall treatment in a furnace,600ºC to 640 ºC
Flaw Detection 100% Flaw detection
Hydraulic Test(MPa) 2.1
Manhole (As Customer's Requirement)
Quantity 1;on top,DN450
Safety Valve(As Customer's Requirement)
Quantity 2
Location On the top of tanker
Size DN50 or As Customer's Requirement

Level Gauge

3*13T Fuwa

Type Manuel Operation type
Location At the rear of the end plate
Running System
Axles 3*13T FUWA brand
Tire 12R22.5 Tubeless tire , 13 including one spare tire
Landing leg JOST
King Pin #50 or #90
Control System
Emergency Cut-off Valves 2
Ball Valve 2
Liquid Gauge 1
Pressure Indicating Thermometer 1
Pressure Gage 1
Tool Box 2
Wheel Carrier 1
Fire Extinguisher 2
Fender 6