Reach Stacker

45ton kalmar reach stacker/sany srsc45c30

Item No.: srsc45c30
Industrial design offers elegant appearance and excellent operation comfort;
SANY-made SDJ450 spreader with high cost efficiency and reliability;
Mechanical and electronic dual anti-rollover system;
Vertical lifting of container, arm linkage and free d
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Overall dimension  
Length 11230 mm
Width 4130 mm
Height 4780 mm
Loading capacity  
The 1st row Load center: 1965mm
The 1st row Floor 1-4: 45000 kg
The 1st row Floor 5: 43000 kg
The 2nd row Load center: 3815mm
The 2nd row Floor 1-4: 31000 kg
The 3rd row Load center: 6315mm
The 3rd row Floor 1-3: 15000 kg
Type In-line 6 cylinders, 4 strokes, central water cooled, turbo charged, electro-injection
Control mode EDC III full electric control system of CAN trunk
Rated power 256 kW/2100 r/min
Rated torque 1751 Nm/1200 r/min
Tail gas discharge standard Euro II
Average oil consumption ratio 197 g/kW.h
Gear shifting box  
Model CLARK 15.5HR36432
Gearing mode Automatic/manual
Gears 4 gears for front and rear respectively
Driving axle  
Mode KESSLER+CO D102 PL341
Traveling brake Multi-sheet wet brake
Parking brake Disk type brake of spring brake and hydraulic release
Max. static axle load 1500 kN
Lifting tool  
Model ELME817
Rotary angle +105 /-195
Side movement distance +800/-800 mm
Max. load-bearing 45000 kg
Available scope ISC 20-40
Lifting object Container
Overall mass 69500 kg
Max. hoisting height 15100 mm
Obliquity 0-60
Travel 7070 mm
Max. hoisting speed (non-load/full load) 420/250 mm/s
Max. traveling speed (non-load/full load) 25/21 km/h
Max. approaching speed (non-load/full load) 360/360 mm/s
Gradeability (non-load/full load) 39/32 %
Max. tractive force 360 kN
Min. turning radius 8000 mm
Steering mode Servo-aid turning
Wheel base 6000 mm
Min. clearance 350 mm
Traveling speed  
1st gear 3.6 km/h
2nd gear 8.6 km/h
3rd gear 14.8 km/h
4th gear 25 km/h
Noisy level at cab ≤72 dB
Temperature of cab 15-25 0C
Lubrication mode Concentrated lubrication
Working pressure of hydraulic system 23 MPa
Total discharge capacity of hydraulic system 240 ml/r