Concrete Pump Trailer

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Item No.: HBT40.10.60RS
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1 .Stability:
• Special hydraulic system with double pumps and double circuits: compared with single pump double circuits, the pumping system and distributing system are driven by two independent pumps that allow a more stable oil flow rate to the pumping unit.
• Intelligent control system: advanced technology, easy operation and high reliability electrical system.

2. High efficiency:
• Hopper: High Suction Capacity due to Large Angle Fluent Hopper Design with less feed accumulation area.
• S valve: well designed S valve ensures the smooth flow of concrete.
• Rapid concrete piston substitution: the pistons can be changed easily by a single operator without any special tools in 15minutes. The hydraulic cylinder has an extra stroke to allow the piston to extend from the concrete cylinder.

3. Energy saving:
• Low running costs.
• Hydraulic oil treatment: equipped with multistage fine filtration and water separation devices, to extend hydraulic components lifetime and reduce oil changes.
• Super wear-resistant component: special steel alloy made spectacles wear plate and cutting ring plus high wear-resistant cast steel material made mixing blade, ensuring a longer lifetime of weary spare parts.


Model HBT40.10.60RS HBT60.8.75Z HBT60.13.90SU
Theoretical OutputCapacity(m³) 49/26 60 70/42
Max Output pressure 10/5 8 13/7
Hydraulic System Type Open Open Open
Power Supply Dong Cummins Diesel China Motor China Motor
Main pump Kawasaki Jpan Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany
Weight(kg) 4500 6100 6450
Dimension(mm) 5300x2020x2550 6350x2250x2260 6800x2200x2260
Model HBT60.16.174RSU HBT80.13.112RSD HBT80.14.174RSU
Theoretical OutputCapacity(m³) 60 80/54 85/55
Max Output pressure 8 13/7 14/8
Hydraulic System Type Open Open Open
Power Supply Dalian Deutz Diesel Dalian Deutz Diesel Dalian Deutz Diesel
Main pump Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany
Weight(kg) 7100 6500 7000
Dimension(mm) 6350x2250x2700 6700x2100x2700 6800x2200x2700
Model HBT80.14.174RS HBT80.16.133SU HBT90.40.572RS
Theoretical OutputCapacity(m³) 82/53 88/55 91/49
Max Output pressure 14/8 16/10 40/20
Hydraulic System Type Open Open Open
Power Supply Volvo Diesel China Motor Germany Deutz
Main pump Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany
Weight(kg) 7000 7421 16300
Dimension(mm) 6800x2200x2700 6800x2200x2311 7710x2740x2930
Model HBT90.48.572RS HBT100.18.195RSU HBT110.26.390RS
Theoretical OutputCapacity(m³) 98/58 100/54 112/73